July 28th---Yes Logs

1.M: It's really hard for me to do tiny operations while using dragons in the game.
O: Micro-management?
M: Yeah, micro-management.

2.M: I found it very weird when I caught my first glimpse of the tombs in the university.
O: The grave yard?
M: Yeah, the grave yard.

3.M: Could you give me some recommendations on movies which are kind of cartoons like 'The Monster Inc.' and 'Finding Nemo'?
O: The animated cartoon?
M: Yeah, the animated cartoon.

July 27th---Yes Logs

1.M: I lost in the phrase 'sleep in'.
O: Missing? Oh, you should say 'I didn't catch it'.
M: Yeah, I didn't catch it.

2.O: What is the linker of your sample?
M: Sorry, could you speak a little clearly? What do you mean by 'linker'?
O: AHM (a kind of chemical reagent) or something else?
M: Yeah, AHM. Now I know what is a linker. Thank you!

3.M: Do you know how to get some frozen carbon dioxide?
O: ? You mean dry ice?
M: Yeah, dry ice.

July 25th---Yes Logs

1. M: Are you native American?
O: What do you mean by 'native'? I'm American, but not Indian.
M: Yeah, American.
O: Well, we seldom say 'native American' because it means Indian.
M: Gotcha! Native American means Indian.

2. M: How do you divide America into West and South? I mean, both of them may cover the same area.
O: Overlap.
M: Yeah. They overlap.


July 7th---Culture Shocks Began With The Lab Stuff

It was the first time to take a look at the labs in America. Dr. Jason, my Chinese student’s mentor, showed me around and gave me a few regulations for the labs in America.

Wow, those were so strict and complicated compared to the labs in China, such things as ‘you should wear the correct type of rubber gloves before using an exact reagent’, for I had only known one type before! Additionally, ‘Everybody must put waste liquid except water into his or her own trash bottle and all of the bottles including public ones used to collect waste solid should be correctly labelled’, ‘The flammable reagents must be separated from others and gathered and stored in the special spaces’ and ‘No organic solvents are allowed to be poured into the drains even if they are in tiny amounts’, these phrases really shocked me for I had never seen or heard of them before. We do not have private trash bottles, and just put them into different bottles based on the properties of the reagents like acid, base, halogen-bearing and nonhalogen-bearing. And we do not separate reagents when we put them in storage. What’s more, we usually throw the small amount of less poisonous waste solvents (such as acetone in an amount of 3ml) into the drains for we think it’s not a big deal!

It was amazing when I caught my first glimpse at the labs here after finding that many bottles as small as your fingers and syringes were thrown away once they had been used. We usually clean these things for reuse in the labs in China! Finally, I came to understand that it was America! Yeah, American people do not lack money, what is more precious for them is time and efficiency!

At last, it almost became a truth to me that people in America were so cautious that the regulations related to health were so strict and popular among students here. But I soon gave it up. What changed my mind was that I had never seen anyone except me wearing the lab coat even till now when I am seated in front of my laptop and keeping my lost previous diary from the concealed memories. In China, people working in the labs except for some physical ones where you can seldom catch organic reagents in sight always put the lab coat on as long as we decide to step into the lab even in the situations that we only stay for half an hour, for no one will be delighted when some poisonous or colorful spots appeared on our clothes. Maybe people here wash their clothes everyday but that really hard and time-pressured for people in China.

Later on, Dr. Jason taught me how to use a few devices which I had never seen before. It seemed not so difficult to grasp the instructions. What fun it was to study and do it myself! I was very excited and eager to start my life in Kopelman’s lab after a whole day of watching and learning!


July 22nd---Disordered time (technically 'welcome')

Well, it is not supposed to write the 'welcome' stuff here. As I'm now sitting in the Language Resource Center in front of the computer which I used to use, it's required to do some entry thing...

It seems that the time of my diary is disordered. There are also lots of mistakes inside the essays which were already here. I'll edit them later. And thanks Mindy for helping me to correct my essays.

I become lazier and lazier these days because I haven't kept diaries for almost 2 weeks! The situation should be changed now, I will have finished my diaries by Thursday when Mindy corrects my essays.


July 6th---Cooking by ourselves

We went to the market selling Chinese food in the northeast of Ann Arbor and bought rice, potatoes, tomatoes, eggs, green peppers and so on. All of us missed Chinese food very much and we cooked by ourselves in the evening. It was very difficult because we had seldom done it before.

There was a clear division of labor among us. Not knowing that the spatula is made of plastic, Chris put it in the hot oil and it melted. Finally he used a knife as the spatula temporarily.

It took us more than 2 hours to prepare a whole meal, and we had never been so hungry that we almost ate it all!

July 5th---BBQ and watching films

We were invited to a BBQ outside Tracy's House. The food was fantastic. There were all kinds of burgers, hot dogs, chips, bunches of grapes, strawberries, watermelon and a few kinds of beverages.

Although it was smoky, I had a wonderful time to communicate with other students who are also participants of REU.

The girl from Thailand really scared me in that not only could she speak a few Chinese words but she had also seen the famous TV series 'Chuckle Of Huan Zhu' which was released around 1998 in China! It was very funny when we decided to teach her the first Chinese character '囧' which means embarrassed. The word '囧' is not a real Chinese character (you will never find it in a Chinese dictionary) but a picture made by ourselves and it has spread through the internet all over China. It really looks like an embarrassed face.

Late in the afternoon, Tracy and us exchanged our well-orchestrated and selected pop music. We talked a lot about education in China and America and we showed where we live in China on the google map and the websites of our high schools.

At last, we watched the movie 'Shrek' which was both interesting and exciting. But we felt really sorry that we had stayed in Tracy's House for such a long time! It was after midnight when we finished the movie and started to come back to our dormitory. We were so frightened that we almost ran to Oxford Rd., for nobody wanted to be robbed or even hurt!